Ladies Can Look Cool In A Skipper Cap Too!

This post card image was clearly taken at the start of Marilyn’s career.. The question is.. Was it the cap that launched her into stardom? I claim, yes! If you are too chicken to buy a cap, y… Read more

Elegante- A Masterpiece of Masterpieces..

You know those guys back in the day, that slicked back their hair and had their pictures taken with other rich guys with their hair slicked back, with babes with perfect hair..

Well, this boat be… Read more

Karma And Classic Boating!

I am a firm believer in karma. Good and bad. If you put out good karma, it comes back. Of course if you do it to receive it, it will not work. It needs to be in your soul. I am always surprised in how it de… Read more

Lori Pastic – Are You Out There?

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater and former Chris – Craft big shot Herb Pocklington we now have a name of one of the iconic Chris Craft girls. Lori Pastic pictured here on the right with Herb a… Read more

Boat Babe Shows Us Mt Dora….

It’s saturday and I decided to go varnish. Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Neil from Port Carling we have a nice way to start our weekend. Now, this was shot back in 07 so.. she most likely is b… Read more