Lori Pastic – Are You Out There?

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater and former Chris – Craft big shot Herb Pocklington we now have a name of one of the iconic Chris Craft girls. Lori Pastic pictured here on the right with Herb a… Read more

Boat Babe Shows Us Mt Dora….

It’s saturday and I decided to go varnish. Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Neil from Port Carling we have a nice way to start our weekend. Now, this was shot back in 07 so.. she most likely is b… Read more

More Snow In WoodyBoaterville!

All I can do at this point is close my eyes and Go Woody Boating. 18 inches of snow expected tonight… On top of the 25 from two days ago…..

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Real Boat Babes… Kinda!

After visiting countless shows this year, there was a theme with some classic boat lovers… There girlfriends were rather stiff…. I suppose that way they never age, nag, or compl… Read more