The Stump Story From Indian Lake, Ohio

This past week we have been learning about Indian Lake in Ohio thanks to Greg Wallace and rest of the Wallace gang. The Ramsey Bros have chimed in with some gold, and one could imagine that the lak… Read more

Indian Lake Ohio, Where It All Got Popular

This week we have been focusing our attention on Indian Lake in Ohio. Yes, a small lake kinda in the middle of Ohio, and well, the country. Mind you this is not a huge body of water, but man oh man, di… Read more

The Wallace Family Boats Of Indian Lake Ohio

Yesterday we featured the Wallace Aero Marine Service Buildings, today we have some amazing images from the Wallace Boatride archives. Okay, archives might sound a little lofty. Maybe more … Read more

Meanwhile Back At The Global HQ, Details

We have a huge local event happening here on Saturday so all the boats and well… dirt, paint cans, screw drivers all need to be put away or put in the trash. And of course I got to try out the ne… Read more