Woody Boater Destination of the Week

Well folks, for the first time I’m not prepared for this but I have an excuse. Our German daughter flew in for a short visit and we’ve been rather busy catching up on news.

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Destination of the Week

I know, we’ve talked about this place before but it’s worthy of a short repeat. It’s a grand destination for the woody boater and the dates are coming up quickly. Therefore,

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Woody Boater – Destination of the Month

This region along the St. Lawrence River from the eastern shores of Lake Ontario to the northern extreme of New York State is dotted with well over 1000 islands along this international waterw… Read more

Woody Boater Destination of the Week

Next week we’re going to visit a place that has so much water they have to count the land mass by the number of islands they have. So this week it may be appropriate to visit a place with the opposi… Read more