Destinations – Lake Dora Review

Rather than picking a new destination this week I’m going to add a little more about Lake Dora from my prospective. I was there and among other great things about the weekend I met Woody Bo… Read more

Lets See Lake Dora From..The Lake.

Thanks to Pete Devito from the Sunnyland ACBS Chapter and Chris Craft club we were able to go out in the Lake in Knotty 48, Pete’s 1948 Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout. What a great way and fant… Read more

Lake Dora Update. Joe Martell Fan Club Meets.

Great day. The first Annual Joe Martell Fan Club meets at the Chris Craft tent. All kidding aside. The first gathering of the Chris Craft club made a spontaneous 2 pm meeting, with Chris Smith an… Read more