Bob Kays Keeps Gasping, And Gasping.

Sunset – Lake Hopatcong

Thanks to Bob ” Have I Got A Calendar For You” Kays for sending in one more last, last maybe last gasp. Take it away Bob. BTW, it’s getting to be C

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Sausage Day From Our European Adventure

A 2Cv hauling ass through town with a bride in the back. Yup, it’s gonna be that sort of day!

Today we head home though London and arrive in DC at 8pm. As we travel we thought it would be fun to s… Read more

Live-sh From Lake Como – A Day On The Lake.

A wonderful church high up on a mountain.

As part of our adventure out on the lake, we also were able to capture some of the beautiful homes and sights from the water. We stuck around the center of t… Read more