12 Years Of Woody Boater Joy.

Three Smith’s at Lake Dora. We made 25 Yellow Shirts!

Today marks the official 12th year of Woody Boater being in the world. Of course this should come to no surprise of many, since its cle… Read more

Cobia Hunting… Not Cobra Hunting.

Fish’n fun

Saturday I was able to squeeze in a fun fishing trip between meetings in New Jersey. Yes, I drove 7 hrs home to go Cobia fishing with some pals. And 7 hrs back the next day. And even … Read more

Loch Ness Live-ish – Yes That Loch Ness.


I bet you didn’t see this coming! A report in from our Berlin Bureau who is enjoying traveling all over the place. Yesterday I received this report from Loch Ness, yes, home of th… Read more

Road Trip To Higginsville!

Best Logo ever

Today, I am headed South to the home of Higgins Boats. New Orleans!  The more I look at Higgins boats the more I love them. I suppose its the graphics and hull design. But mostly its … Read more

Time To Explore – Sweet Pea Rides The Rails

Whats in that little shed? Oh you know you want to see?

One of the magical things about my wonderful town of Reedville is how time just is slower. And nothing is slower than watching your Trawler g… Read more