A Fine Line Of Old And New Patina

More cleaning and hanging stuff in collections

Working on the Railway has been a wonderful journey, but part of the journey is knowing when you may pass by something magical. TIME, and the art o… Read more

Electrifying Railway Update

Ron Stevensons 12 inch lights donated to the railway are up.

First, I hope I spelled electrifying right? It’s just an “r” away from being so more than a typo. ELECTRICFrYIN… Read more

It’s Concrete Day At The Railway HQ

The first boat on the rails this season. Seems fitting. We had to refit the power because of the new doors

What a nutso week. Between Zoom calls in 1 hr slivers of freedom, getting the boats ready h… Read more

AMOC Swap Meet Okauchee Wisconsin

Oh Gad zooks, real people, in a field. Where are is the virtual board?

A huge shout out to long time fellow Woody Boater Steve Bunda for taking the time to send us in this live ish report. It’… Read more