Breaking News. The World is Upside Down.


The Bengals in the Super Bowl, and now this. The Harrisons are actually towing someone in thats broken down. Yes!!! You read this correctly, they are doing the towing. As in the li… Read more

16 Hour Trip To Katz’s Recap

Around 8AM

3AM and on the road with my best buddy Mr B. WECATCHEM has had a long overdo varnish need! Like her sides are almost gone. The sun reflections on her sides are intense. AND YES I have a cov… Read more

Looking Back From Last November.

Mud- November 2020

It’s been about a yearish since we started to dig into the, well, dirt. Mud and stuff. Piles of wood, gravel, tons and tons of it. But slowly but surely it’s getti… Read more

Last Gatspying In Canada

A study in wood, water, and heaven.

A huge thanks to Chris and Julie Bullen for sharing some fantastic Last Gasping with Gatsby from up in Canada..Maybe we change the Last Gasping to  Last Gats… Read more