Lake Dora And The Elephant In The Show!


Okay, here we go, yesterdays story on the Lake Dora show got me some behind the scenes emails. NO DOCKS YET? What the hell? That pretty much was the tone of the messages. No one is impolite e… Read more

Meanwhile In Thailand.

Out for a ride in Southeast Asia – maybe the Fender thing is more than a Canadian thing?

One of the fantastic parts of doing WoodyBoater is being able to see our little universe all over..w… Read more

Phew, I Needed That! Hooky Day!

Sniff’n Varnish on Bob Rices Seamaid.

One of the crazy things about my job, is when you are busy, you are real busy, and then there are these strange breaks, right in the middle of a busy mom… Read more

Lil’ Toot – The Almost Lost Barn Find

Love us a barnfind!

A huge thanks to Dennis Ryan from Motor Boat Garage for this fun teaser story to remind us that not all the boats coming to Port Huron are fancy pants show boats. mmmm too bad we d… Read more

Thunder Run – Sunday Mornings At 10AM

Shep and Fam on Moms Mink!

A huge shout out to fellow Woody Boater Shep who has invited the entire planet to a regular event on Sunday Mornings on Lake Wawasee. Here is his story and some photos. Mo… Read more

Live From The Gull Lake Classic

Baby Bootlegger

Reporter Dane Anderson… reports in from Gull Lake with some amazing photos and actual story. A huge effort knowing how busy a day it was and worked late into the morning t… Read more