Meanwhile in Gorinchem. Ya I Said Gorinchem.

Loading her up

Thanks to Bert Holster we have a report in from across the pond. Wait, that’s an English thing.. Not sure what the Netherlandishsaying is. Dutchish?  I love stories from … Read more

Algonac – The Soul Of Motor Boating.

Detail from Algonac banner

If you consider yourself a boater, more specifically a power boater. Then you may be missing the inner understanding of why you love motor boating so much. Unless yo… Read more

King Tides! OHHHH SHIP!

This morning.

Here on the Chesapeake Bay we are getting very stiff winds, which are blowing water up the bay, which means it blows it up my yard. And to top it all off we have had about a month of this… Read more

12 Years Of Woody Boater Joy.

Three Smith’s at Lake Dora. We made 25 Yellow Shirts!

Today marks the official 12th year of Woody Boater being in the world. Of course this should come to no surprise of many, since its cle… Read more