Railway Update – It’s A Full House

We now have a mailbox and permanent address. The numbers are from old plastic registration numbers.

Today is a huge day here in Reedville, the 4th of July parade is on Main Street, and then Firew… Read more

Railway, Dog, Family, And Sausage, Update.

Mr B and George

While everyone was prancing around the docks at boat shows, I was slammed on the Railway, family and zoom calls. And yes, I love 2 out of 3 of those. And it’s not the family or t… Read more

A Fine Line Of Old And New Patina

More cleaning and hanging stuff in collections

Working on the Railway has been a wonderful journey, but part of the journey is knowing when you may pass by something magical. TIME, and the art o… Read more

Electrifying Railway Update

Ron Stevensons 12 inch lights donated to the railway are up.

First, I hope I spelled electrifying right? It’s just an “r” away from being so more than a typo. ELECTRICFrYIN… Read more