Woody Boater Destination of the Week

This event is not just a destination but a true adventure for the Woody Boater. It’s for you and your woody boat, not exactly an event planned for spectators. It will be held at one of the most be… Read more

Classic Boating Destination of the Week

We’re going to jump around a little this week. We will start in Arkansas and jump to New Mexico. What?, New Mexico? Woody Boater listed it as one of three Water Free States so, being from the “… Read more

44 Days til Dora. Houston We Have A Problem

Well, lets just say that supply chain management is not my strength. Every supplier has gone above and beyond on this job. I have had every last inch of this boat either rebuilt, restored, repla… Read more

Clasic Boat Dining in Holland MI

This one, called “Boatwerks” on the shores of Lake Macatawa in Holland, MI features a wall mural of the old Chris Craft plant in its glory years. The photo features various size cr… Read more