Daisy Chain Gang Yapdate!

Bob in Deleware? Ohio? Penn? England?

To me THIS right here is all of us at our best, and most insane, which is our best. We can report that the Bob part is in Dover Ohio, home of Ernest “Mooney” … Read more

The “Daisy Chain Gang” Is On It!

Steve and Bob – The hat is pure genus!

Breaking news, Yip Yap is officially on her way South. Steve has handed off the heir to the Woody Boater Empire’s first boat. With great fanfar… Read more

Gull Lake Covid Cruise, No One Dies.

Dane’s Photos My Captions!

We got these wonderful photos from Dane Anderson of the canceled boat show up on Gull Lake, the good news, is they had the cruise. Which is a safe choice, and the … Read more