Plywood Bottoms. Hold On. Before You Judge.

Original Plywood bottom

The other day we all looked at a very beautiful boat. Yet she sure had some bottom issues and I spoke about creative solutions. Now. To be clear. If your boat is a special b… Read more

Flathead Blow By Simple Solution

It’s a look! It screams 2020!

Lately I have been had to wear a mask while out alone on WECATCHEM. The blow by smell is so bad you can taste it. Forget that the Boatress complains that her clot… Read more

Bob Shapton – Michigan Boat & Engine

Bob Shapton

If you are a comment reader you will no doubt recognize longtime fellow Woody Boater Bob Shapton. Bob is passion, and drive all bundled up in a very fun and kind human being. And one mo… Read more