Crazy Priced Feathercraft On Ebay? Wait? mmmmm

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Rob Schantz for making us aware of this little aluminum jewel on ebay. I am not sure if its Robs boat or who is selling it. But clearly the seller is a feller that loves … Read more

3 Inch, 4 Inch, 2, 3 Inch?

The Special V8 is in WECATCHEM and all lined up. And now the big question. Single exhaust or duel exhaust? I am inclined to keep her single since duel exhaust would not have been an option then. Bu… Read more

Bringing Back Brightness.

While everyone was defending our conspicuous passion yesterday, I turned off all my cell stuff and went to conspicuously work on stripping 30 years of paint off all the window trim on Sweet Pea… Read more

Rocket Design Flaw? Ohhhhh Ship! Here We Go!

We got this question from long time Woody Boater Rocket Man. Take it away Mr R Man!

First let me start by saying this is in no way a knock on Chris Craft runabout design. These boats are an engineeri… Read more