Tarp Find Cobra – One Word – Prototype!

Hello in there

If you have been following the episodes of discovery on the tarp find Cobra, you may have been thinking that we sure are making a big deal out of this under bite boat. Whats with Wood… Read more

Passing Gas Can Cure The Winter Blues

Fresh Painted engine

Well, it’s getting to be that time of year. Lake Dora Prep time. I had put a fresh coat of VanNess pre war engine paint on Stinkys engine and had to paint over the older P… Read more

Original Orange Seam Color!

Little bits of orange original seam material

The gang at Katz’s Marina sent us in this little treasure. Turns out a boat they are restoring. A 1940 Chris Craft 19 Barrel Back had Orange Se… Read more

A ZelMan And His Cave, His Really Nice Cave!

Eric is a happy man in his special universe.

We all know fellow Woody Boater Eric Zelman and his detailed obsession with doing things right and to perfection. So when Eric decided to build a barn… Read more