Classic Wooden Sunfish Sail Boat.

What a great week. No internet. No Cell Phone. No TV, Cable, Ipods, spam, twittering, Wifi, NOTHING, but family and friends. Funny thing, I actually spoke to my children and wife for the first t… Read more

Inside This Building, It's 1958.

After a year of planning, begging and being patent with construction issues. The Woody Boater Pole barn is done. The final stage was a concrete floor. It’s nice to know that when the stor… Read more

Ever Seen An Antique Boat Smile?

I knew it would happen, Sylvia’s deck seams have tightened up. After all that work of a new deck, making the seams 1/32 all that pain, when we got back from Fla, her seams had opened up in som… Read more

Motor Running Rough, Try Some New Paint!

First I have to commend fellow woody boater David Van Ness for having the patience of a Drivers Ed teacher. This guy is a saint. I was agonizing about the various troubles of getting this flat hea… Read more

Ahhh! Sylvia's Bottom..

When I started out to restore Sylvia, I knew I wanted to do it in a way that was true to her history. Every detail needed to be correct. One does not own an antique, we are caretakers. That’s t… Read more