Head Gaskets! WTHG? Can We Do Better?


This summer we in our little gang of three had a 5 head gasket summer. WTHG? “What The head gasket.” Sure head gaskets are head cases on our flat heads. But 5? All brand new. Use… Read more

Try Prop’n Fun!

12X12, 12X11, And 13X12 Only we know how to read this!

I bet you are thinking, hahahaha Woody Boater miss spelled Try? Didn’t he mean Tri Props? This past weekend I learned about “T… Read more

Three Bob’s, Three K’s, And Two Rockets!

Two Bobs, Bob Rice, Bob Larson in Rockets – Lake Hopatcong. Where is the third?

Every now and then a fun observation comes along. You may be trying to figure out the K thing. or not. It̵… Read more

Ahhhhhhhhhh That Felt Good!

She screams. Actually very load for a K more like a throaty Harley

Last week, I had to be in Boston, New Jersey, and DC, then home to Reedville on Thursday night. A 8 hr drive after a all day meeting. … Read more

Rainy Day Classic Boat Fun!

Poking out for the rain

Sometimes a rainy day is fantastic. The gods have said, no Splash Mob today so go work in the barn. No way to go Woody Boating. Or is there? After all owning a classic boat is h… Read more

Bam, Clank, Rattle, Pop, Pop! Ugh.

New Old Head on Stinky

So, where do I start? The day we found Stinky? Over a year ago we dragged Stinky out of her sleeping spot after a 30-40 year slumber, and miraculously got her H engine started… Read more

A Woody Boater Needs Gauges For His Century.

Jeff’s not correct gauges!

Fellow Woody Boater Jeff N from California who is a Outlaw Hot Rod guy and now a Sons Of Varnish Member and is all in on getting his new Century ready for some fun. … Read more