Make Your Own Classic Boat History.

With all the hub bub about preservation vs rebuilding I thought, if you are going to rebuild every plank of wood on your boat, why stop there. Rebuild the boats history as well. Here are the simpl… Read more

24 Days til Mt Dora, And Sylvia Is Smiling.

I swear, after 4 years of stewardship of Sylvia I think I see a smile on her bow. It could not have come at a better time. Varnishing is like the doldrums. It lasts for ever and when its over you are ha… Read more

1934 Garwood/ Chris Craft Speedster on eBay.

What a cool find, a 1934 Garwood Speedster. Seller claims to be the real thing. Wow. Woody Boater strongly recommends that you do very deep research though. It was very common to convert normal … Read more