Flathead Blow By Simple Solution

It’s a look! It screams 2020!

Lately I have been had to wear a mask while out alone on WECATCHEM. The blow by smell is so bad you can taste it. Forget that the Boatress complains that her clot… Read more

Bob Shapton – Michigan Boat & Engine

Bob Shapton

If you are a comment reader you will no doubt recognize longtime fellow Woody Boater Bob Shapton. Bob is passion, and drive all bundled up in a very fun and kind human being. And one mo… Read more

Welcome to FassēCo. Perfecting The Perfect.

Husband and wife duo, Read and Julie

One click and you will be blown away. I was and am every time Read & Julie posts on Instagram. No, not a typo, his name is Read. So we can just move on from ther… Read more