Miss America IX To Be At Lake Hopatcong! June 22

Are you gonna be there?

If you have ever wanted to see Miss America IX and live in the north east, this may be you chance to see her in real life. The owners Hagerty hall Of Fame Winner Charles and  D… Read more

Happy Wakes To You, Until We Meet Again!

Hey, you guys want to go take some photos? The light is perfect?

Here they are, the morning shoot from Lake Dora. These are a combination of YNOT Yachts and our photos. I know I have been hyping the… Read more

Smile And The World Smiles Back!

Young people, quick run and sign them up for something!

As we dig through all the photos, a theme or two has started to appear. The best one is the look of joy, calm, and happiness that is on everyon… Read more