Big Crowds, Big Winds, Big Time Fun.

It’s getting to be that time. 15hr drive ahead and I have seen every item 6 times. A library of 300 shots and some incredible memories. We handed out 25 custom 1 time woodyboater shirts, an… Read more

Requests From Readers.

Very Cool Century Arabian, Blue stain.
Lunch… Again
At the Aristocraft tent.
More Lymans
kevin Form James Craft…shameless plug
Hey buddy, that aint a wall..
More Lymans
Holesc… Read more

Gooooooood morning Lake Dora!

It’s still windy, but not raining. The crowds are huge already. More boats appeared over night, and the amphacars are here. A true sign of spring.. Theres nothing like driving your car i… Read more

End Of The Day At Lake Dora.

What a great day, Rain expected late tomorrow, lots of wind, so many of the boats are on land this year. Great turnout..Stay tuned tomorrow.

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