Smith Mountain Lake. It Can't Come Soon Enough!

I can’t watch the news anymore. I see myself selling apples on the street corner. HA. But in the mean time I am heading to Smith Mountain Lake here in Virginia in 3 days. Wooohooo. I am going … Read more

Are Those Crickets I Hear In Tahoe?

Sorry folks, no images from Tahoe. Noth’n, news Nuth’n, just that empty email box….If you are out there and want to shoot some images. Let me know, nothing I can do at this po… Read more

It's Morning In Tahoe.

This years show in a couple of hours is officially open. This year along with the usual suspects and new restorations and barn finds, Tahoe is featuring the boats of the twenties. I am sure we wil… Read more


Get out the champaign and fish eggs, it’s Tahoe time. Fellow Woodyboaters have promised to cover the show with some photos. If you are even close to driving distance it’s a must go… Read more