Off To The Boat Auction.

We are off to a boat auction at Yankee Point marina. Word has it there is a fresh barn find Ventinor. My guess is that it’s a utility and I am going to be be bummed because they are going to thin… Read more

Destination of the Week

I know, we’ve talked about this place before but it’s worthy of a short repeat. It’s a grand destination for the woody boater and the dates are coming up quickly. Therefore,

St. MichaelsRead more

Woody Boater Of The Month. Al Benton.

We’re would the online Classic boat community be with out Al Benton? Well… up a creek with out knowing what paddle you need…
I first met Al the way most folks have, on-line on … Read more

Woody Boater Destination of the Week

Next week we’re going to visit a place that has so much water they have to count the land mass by the number of islands they have. So this week it may be appropriate to visit a place with the opposi… Read more