16 Hours Of Driving. We Made It?

Up at 7 AM to Richmond, 2 hr drive. Return to DC 4 hrs, bad traffic, then on the road to Clayton. Normally a 8 hr drive. 10 hrs. Traffic and construction. Its 130 AM and I am here. wired from the drive a… Read more

Off To The Thousand Islands. Woohooo!

We are off to the big show. BUT. First a meeting in Richmond. 2 hr the wrong direction, then on the road for a 9 hr drive. Just me, and my XM radio. Thank god. But for this show and the pals all going, it… Read more

So What If You Could Go back In Time?

Now you can , and have photo proof of it. It’s one thing to be out on your 1941 Chris Craft taking a break from all the crap out there. Cruising around with your best gal. But now with the help o… Read more