Virtual Launches For Breakfast?

Launch time! Come and get it

As part of our series and partnership with The Antique Boat Museum and The Wooden Boat Experience video series. Today you can take a tour of the National Boat Show Bui… Read more

Virtual Boat Shows Are Here To Stay-ish

You know its Canada!

Yesterdays virtual boat show by the great folks at the Okanagan ACBS chapter. was a hit. is a hit, will be a hit. According to our stats looks like around 4000 of you visited th… Read more


This is so much fun.

You are not gonna like me today. I promise fun tomorrow.. So I was on the phone with a pal and we discussed the possibility of a big boat show this year. And it hit us both. PERFECT… Read more

Should All Boat Shows Be Changed For 2020?

It’s the new look of 2020

As we watch this Pandemic rip through all our communities, and the tough choices we are all gonna need to make about what is a new normal until a vaccine is approved … Read more