This is so much fun.

You are not gonna like me today. I promise fun tomorrow.. So I was on the phone with a pal and we discussed the possibility of a big boat show this year. And it hit us both. PERFECT… Read more

Should All Boat Shows Be Changed For 2020?

It’s the new look of 2020

As we watch this Pandemic rip through all our communities, and the tough choices we are all gonna need to make about what is a new normal until a vaccine is approved … Read more

The Lake Dorona Awards Are In.

Restored, Repurposed, and Right In Time!

We have breaking news. Even the judges dont know what won at the First Lake Dorona Virtual Boat Show. Oh, it got ugly. Lots of fights, and payoff’… Read more

Huge Crowds At This Years Lake Dorona Show.

Did anyone hear that cough?

It was great to see you yesterday show up and say hi! Over 3500 of you all came and it was the highlight of my day. As the years have gone by, I have kinda stepped into a rout… Read more

Miss Madison Is Virtually Here!

Virtually the real deal.

A huge thanks to long time fellow Woody Boater Randy Mueller for dragging Miss Madison out of the barn in Washignton State to our show. This is just the kind of rare boats … Read more