Welcome to Florida!

I gotta say, one day on the water with pals and all the stuff that goes with it can erase the last 3 years of drudgery. We all have talked about this stuff for years now. But exper… Read more

Let’s Go! NOW? Or Wait?

I was texted this image last night of me ripping past a pal unknowingly on the express lane in DC.. He said I was in a hurry.. HA.. Yes I was.

Watching the weather it looks like the east coast in the so… Read more

We Are Green To Go To Dora.

Green Leather in Baby Chick

Today we all bask in the greenness of St Patrick’s Day and at least there is some sort of theme to a story. The other good news is you get to pinch that gal you like f… Read more

Troy Reports In From Florida.

He is over 21….physically.

After much back and forth dealing with locked picture files, we have a late live-ish report in from Troy. And I am not sure why I expected anything other than th… Read more