Lake Dora And The Elephant In The Show!


Okay, here we go, yesterdays story on the Lake Dora show got me some behind the scenes emails. NO DOCKS YET? What the hell? That pretty much was the tone of the messages. No one is impolite e… Read more

Boat The Blue Breaks All Records!

Mahogany Madness!

According to fellow Woody Boater David Nau in yesterdays comments The Boat The Blue Event stats are as follows. I am sure this will be updated. But regardless of the numbers, … Read more


Says it all. Thursday and Friday

Really? Oh come on. The 10 inches of rain yesterday and broken lift wasn’t enough? Falling through the dock with a board missing putting on a boat cover. A… Read more

It’s Shöwgåsbord Sunday!

DO NOT invite Mark Setterholm to your show if you want anyone else to win Best Of Show. He did it again. Bella Donna WINS BIG, in fact I have awarded it best of show for Reedville and he doesn’

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Prepping For The Reedville Show Next Weekend!

The Barn is full of boats being fixed

They say when you write you should tap into your true feelings at this moment. Well…. I have learned to be patient, or become a patient. And when it come… Read more