Bar Harbor Breaks Records-ish

Fellow Woody Boaters Matt Byrne and Chad Durren take home best of awards.

We are getting reports that the Bar Harbor Gull Lake Show may have been the largest one’s yet. Of course no one cou… Read more

Live-ish From Bar Harbor

Miss Lisa makes a wonderful appearance on Gull lake

A huge thanks to Dane Anderson, Matt Byrne, Chad Durren and others for sending in a report from the big Bar harbor show on Gull Lake. No caption… Read more

Gull Lake This Weekend!

John Allen and Wyndcrest

If you are in the Middle of the country, okay maybe a tad north, and over a tad. The big Gull Lake Show is this weekend. You may recall the big  Woods and Water show that bro… Read more

What Do 24 Cylinders Sound Like?

Dear god! That’s a whole lottttttttta cylinders

Glad you asked, cause we just so happen to have an example. What are the chances of that happening. So, since its Saturday and you all will … Read more