All Hands On Restoration Class Lyman Style!

A nice chat around Lymans!

A huge thanks to Ryan Nagel for keeping the passion going, and sending us in a story about it. Better yet, it’s spelled right.. at least I think it is. I wouldn… Read more

The Sheerline Wins The Magazine Wars!

Best copy ever!

I know many of you may be wondering what in the heck I am talking about right now. What magazine war? Whats the Sheerline? I am so confused. Well let me explain. The Sheerline is the … Read more

12 Years Of Woody Boater Joy.

Three Smith’s at Lake Dora. We made 25 Yellow Shirts!

Today marks the official 12th year of Woody Boater being in the world. Of course this should come to no surprise of many, since its cle… Read more

Alex Bay, The Grand Finale.

Kent O. Smith Jr we salute you!

Bravo! What a performance. The artists all came together and gave us a wonderful journey of emotion. The absolute best part of this past week was being able to see h… Read more