A Cold And Windy Lake Hopatcong Show

Bob Kays reports in from Lake Hopatcong from this weekends classic boat show. If you live in the Mid Atlantic area you no doubt know it was a very windy weekend. Like WINDY, and cold..ish for June… Read more

7 Days, 100 Years, AHHHHHHlgonac

While we wait on reports from Lake Hopatcong and St Micheals, we thought we would show you all the location for the Algonac 100 Year Celebration. Its on the location of the old plant, and you can k… Read more

Classic Boat Gatherings This Weekend.

In my obsession with the 100 year celebration in Algonac, I have failed to talk about some other classic…well, classic boat shows happening soon. St Micheals, and lake Hopatcong. Both … Read more

10 Days – Getting Ready For Algonac

It’s hot, muggy, a reminder that Michigan is the place to be. Algonac in a week ish. We are also thrilled to announce that Wayne and George Butler will be joining me and Stinky for the trip. … Read more