Cruisers Are Hot? Wait? What? Squirrel?

I am so confused?

WARNING: I have focusing issues when it comes to crazy claims.  In this months email newsletter from a large Broker they make the claim that “Cruisers Are Hot” N… Read more

A Warm Sweet Ride.


A huge thanks to fellow Woody Boater and local pal Dave Godwin for capturing the Boatress and I out for a warm short ride in Sweet Pea. One more reason on the list of reasons to ow… Read more

1929 Triple On Ebay, Worthy Of A Discussion.

Sweet ride

In yesterdays comments someone brought up the Triple thats been on ebay for a bit. These can be very sweet fun boats with modern power and certainly look the part. So is it worth 12,000… Read more

Sausage Saturday 2021 #1

It’s never to cold for Sausage!

Well, it’s Saturday, and Cold and Windy.. And well. SAUSAGE. A new Year and New Batch of Sausage bits. We are working on a huge new project soon to be r… Read more

Gull Lake Covid Cruise, No One Dies.

Dane’s Photos My Captions!

We got these wonderful photos from Dane Anderson of the canceled boat show up on Gull Lake, the good news, is they had the cruise. Which is a safe choice, and the … Read more