Miss Butterface

Time capsule Barn Find, and patina.

She does her own sewing, cooks like a master chef, and will always be faithful. Three things that over time you knew would blind date code for butterface. Hey… Read more

Black Friday Rerun With New Good Blackness

AHHHHHH!That is one Bad Aft boat!

Today is Black Friday. So of course we need to feature black boats. We did this back in 2018, and maybe I can sneak it past you all as a new story. Some things have ch… Read more

The Most Fun $32,500 Can Buy These Days

Packard Co Rave Boat on Ebay

Let’s all realize that with all the inflation and crazy numbers flying around. Cars 15K over Manufactures price and so on. That 32K is the new 15K. Hey.. It ain… Read more