FAY WOW Rare FAY BOW Barnfind

Older photo in its original barn

A HUGE thanks to longtime fellow Woody Boater and Oriental rug in the shop brother from a different mother Gary Michael for sending in this insane rare Fay & … Read more

Zombie Boating Today!

Today we ride in Scarlet.

All this past week, I have been in the office prepping for a 1 hr meeting in New Jersey for my real job. High stakes, hi pressure stuff. And after a year and a half in my sweat … Read more

Lake Mead, When It Had Water! Ugh.

Barb is there physically, not mentally.

These cool slides on ebay show a happy..ish time on Lake Mead back in the day. Happy-ish cause she looks rather lonely. Even the highway there is lonely. … Read more

Red Factory Bottom. Rare As in Only One?


We got some cool images of a bottom job being done, and well, as they were clearing away stuff, an interesting detail started to emerge. The color red! And there should not be red under it all… Read more