Håkan Hås A Råre Cårb!

Carb tag in question

The other day we did a small feature story on Håkens Cårb, and he wanted to know if is carb was a true carb to his Chris Craft. No one could find the Carter Number on the tag in th… Read more

Håkan Needs A Hånd With His Cårb!

That’s one cool Chris Craft

Fellow Woody Boater Håkan Pettersson from Sweden needs some Merrrican help. He has some carb issues. Well, we all have carb issues. For example I had to much … Read more

Just One More Turn Please. Last Gasping 2019

Tucked away for another year

One of the many reasons to own several boats, is you get to last gasp many of them. This weekend we took a brief break in the weather and ran WECATCHEM on a slow wonderfu… Read more