Follow Up On Oldest Higgins?

The #99 Higgins engine in question.

We got the photos from Brett, regarding the Serial number 99 Higgins boat we spoke about last week. Not sure how conclusive this all is. According the Brett t… Read more

Is This The Oldest Higgins Boat Out There?

Serial Number 99

We got a wonderful note from fellow Woody Boater Brett Fecho regarding his fathers Higgins, they believe its a Higgins Sport Speedster owned by millionaire Walker Mccune he m… Read more

A Hail Mary And A Barrel Full Of Barrel Backs.

Oh ya!

Yesterday I had a quick chance to hail mary up to Katzs Marina to drop off Buttercup so she can be returned to the original owners daughter. I love getting boats back to their families. Its t… Read more

Mike Lang’s Got A Barn Find Hangover.

Cool. Canadian Cool. Where are the fenders?

Fellow Woody Boater Mike Lang sent us this wonderful barn Find story. We all love Barn finds. The time sitting waiting for you to love to help her shin… Read more