Rare Photo's Of Golden Pond Boat.

Thanks to fellow woody boater Ken Miller from the Boat Buzz we able to show some very rare photos of the U22 used in the film “On Golden Pond” These shots were taken by Pat Curtin ( Boa… Read more

Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, Hogshead?

On this Columbus Day, it’s hard not to forget America’s first Woody Boater. What is clear though in this very rare never seen before water color. He may have been inspired by the ot… Read more

The Ladies Dig My Seams!

Found this old shot on eBay. Thought it was fun. And to my surprise, there they were. The seams. If you look closely near the aft end of the boat, near the guide post, you can see them. Seams opening … Read more

Hybrid Classic Boat Shoes.

Can’t decide between Crocs and Top Siders boat shoes. Nothing worse then climbing out of your 1932 triple sport’n lime green crocs! How bout a hybrid version. Here is the latest f… Read more