Karma and a 1956 Whirlwind boat

I was in a gas station 2 years ago, when in drove this little number getting fueled up. How many times does that happen? Well I struck up a nice conversation and said if you ever…. A week ago t… Read more

Trade in your Grand Prix for a Grand boat.

I was just on ebay looking at a sweet Grand Prix. We got to talking via email. As the conversation went on, the seller made a funny comment that he loved the old classic boats and that he tried to sta… Read more

Battery Powered Classic Boat.

Antique & Classic boats come in many shapes and sizes. We just came across one of the smaller ones. A true toy box find. The bottom does not need replacing, The motor turns, no varnish needed… Read more

Buy and sell your classic boat with class.

Most likely you know about ebay. And there are some great dealers out there that buy and sell boats. There is word of mouth and museum donations. But what about buying and selling a great Antique… Read more

Nude photo of Sylvia

In a desperate attempt to gather readers I have resorted to nudity. Here is Sylvia, my 1941 Chris Craft Stripped to her bones. Since starting Woody Blogger we have seen a nice growth in
readers. … Read more

Is it a Woody Boat if its painted?

I read on the web the other day , someone referring to their boat as a
Barrel Back. I took a look, and it was not. It was a 1940’s runabout,
The guy listing the boat was not trying to trick anyon… Read more

My Chris Craft Barrel Back Antique Boat

It all started one rainy winter day. I found this boat online. I already owned a very nice show quality 1949 Deluxe runabout. I loved that boat. I purposefully did not even call the broker. I was f… Read more

Getting started into Classic Boats?

If you are reading this, you are no doubt doing what countless folks
like myself have done. You come across an old Woody boat. In a garage
sale, ebay, car show and it hits you like a ton of bricks. Ch… Read more