Foggy Days Can Be Good Days

Mr B kept his eye on things to make sure no squirrels, birds, kitty cats, or a leaf got in the way.

In keeping with the surfing the current weather theme. As in, finding the silver lining in any weat… Read more

Welcome To Storm Central.

Glenna Faye is up on the rails getting her yearly fix up

As some of you know we have a Private Event at the Railway, actually today, tonight, and there is this wonderful storm just rotating around … Read more

Woody Boating – Latvia Style

TODAY WE HAVE A GREAT STORY from Fellow Woody Boater Olegs Gladcenko in Riga, Latvia in eastern Europe. Olegs shares his passion for wooden boats, history, boat design, and construction of hi… Read more

Why You Should Have Your Boat Judged.

I love winning, and love loosing even more. Wait, no, winning is more fun

I know many of you may think I am opposed to boat judging. Nothing could be further than the truth. I think its a critical pa… Read more