Sausage Saturday 2021 #1

It’s never to cold for Sausage!

Well, it’s Saturday, and Cold and Windy.. And well. SAUSAGE. A new Year and New Batch of Sausage bits. We are working on a huge new project soon to be r… Read more

Gull Lake Covid Cruise, No One Dies.

Dane’s Photos My Captions!

We got these wonderful photos from Dane Anderson of the canceled boat show up on Gull Lake, the good news, is they had the cruise. Which is a safe choice, and the … Read more



Today is the first day of the end of 2020. As in that time between Christmas and New Year. Kinda a no mans land of days. So, today, I decided, to do a generic story. Yup a story about nothing. Ye… Read more

William Jackson – The Seaflea King

The man!

Today, the day after Christmas, I thought it would be fun to give you a chance to use that new phone or ipad to watch some cool stuff. Also don’t even bother to try and download the Wo… Read more