Baby Chick Is Beautiful On The Inside As Well

Baby Chick is a great place to display other old aged Prerestoric stuff.

Baby Chick is coming along. We filled up three large trash cans of dirt, rags, and other stuff unrelated to her or her life… Read more

Baby Chicks Hatch Tells Story

In the hatch. Life jackets, Anchor, lines and something very odd

One of the most fun parts of cleaning out a Barn Find is, well, finding stuff frozen in time. You can just back story stuff and get a… Read more

Hatching Baby Chick’s Hatch

Baby Chick Hatch. There is a Hatch joke in here someplace

Today, okay yesterday I started the process of getting all archaeologist on Baby Chick. I swear I was sifting through dirt and crap. Loo… Read more

16 Hour Trip To Katz’s Recap

Around 8AM

3AM and on the road with my best buddy Mr B. WECATCHEM has had a long overdo varnish need! Like her sides are almost gone. The sun reflections on her sides are intense. AND YES I have a cov… Read more