Happy Keester!

Noel Webbers Keester art is the best!

Today we celebrate the best part of our wonderful boats. It’s Keester, or the alternative spelling Keister. Yes I had to look it up. And yes, I looked … Read more

Butler Built Boats – The Boats

Butler boat circa 1939 built for a Mr. Ashburn

What a wonderful portfolio of some of the nicest boats on the bay. And they all came from one place, one family, and one soul. The Butlers. This famil… Read more

April Foolish Day!

I know what he is thinking. “My dad is an idiot, but he’s my idiot”

Today is the official Woody Boater day of foolish things we have done this past year. For example. Buying an … Read more

365 Days! But Who’s Counting?


Well. that’s it. Dora would be done and we all would be at home, a little sunburned, fatter and ready for boating season to start. In about a month. Maybe be wearing a new Woody Boa… Read more

Winter is Dead, Long Live Warmer Days

Out and about.. warmness

You know things are kinda getting back to warm normal when we get a great report in from Lake Hopatcong with Bob Kays and Allen Makin’s family from Katz’s M… Read more