Should We Have A Zoom Call For Zoomer?

Is this the key to unlock the truth of ZOOMER? It’s all I could find on the internet. Anyone have info on Welch Brothers?

A couple days ago we did a classic Whatizit story for Zoomer, and you … Read more

It’s 3AM, Do You Know If Your Bilge Is On?

The stars are out.

About a month ago we hit some heavy seas in Sweet Pea. Oh, it was fun.. I love that stuff. Anyway, since then, well… she started to leak a little more. I know what the issue i… Read more

The Reedville Show Prep Is Underway

Shameless plug!

T Shirts are ready.

We got notes from Texx, and Kent that both events Gull Lake and Lake George have been captured, but for different reasons, we are not getting a story from them … Read more