When People See Your Classic Boat?


The other day, I got on one of my google search kicks. Just clicking around to find more cool stuff. I hit on some classic Sailboats, and OH GOD! Not, oh god, how cool, but man, that is some comp… Read more

How Was Your Labor Day Weekend?

Alex Watson in his plastic! Getting towed in. He tried to end his season on empty! YA!

Well? Did ya break down? Get towed in, did you tow anyone in? Stub your toe? For many of us, this is the best time … Read more

Barn Find Higgins. Bring On The Higgins.

Dusty, just the way I like my ladies! Okay, see, boats are ladies. That was not intended to offend anyone. Well, maybe it was. I am going to shut up now and move on..

Since we have been having some fu… Read more

More Higgin’s #99 Photos

Higgins #99

If you have been following the #99 Higgins unfold here over the past couple weeks, Brett Fecho is on the case and digging like a fiend through old family albums. The good news is Brett … Read more

If Bob’s Original Cushions Could Talk!

Perfect fit!

Remember those red original cushions we featured last week? Well fellow Woody Boater Bob Schoepe “shcooped” them up and Bingo! They fit his wonderful 1940 15.5 foo… Read more

Follow Up On Oldest Higgins?

The #99 Higgins engine in question.

We got the photos from Brett, regarding the Serial number 99 Higgins boat we spoke about last week. Not sure how conclusive this all is. According the Brett t… Read more