Thinking Of Going Blond This Summer?

Want to spice up your love life with your boat? Then go blond. Blond decks were all the rage starting in the early 50’s. Both Chris Craft and Century got in on the action big time. Others as w… Read more

Cool Car, Cooler Boat

1969 Corvette

Everyone knows the Corvette, as in Chevy. Do you know the Corvette from Chris-Craft? Prior to this past summer I had seen them in photos only. I finally saw one real time at the anti… Read more

Classic Boats Under 2 feet.

Looking for a Classic hand made boat? Don’t have 20,000 bucks. Well. Here you are. You can find these on eBay and some of the bigger shows. What’s so nice about these is how simple th… Read more

Help Save Homeless Woodys

It’s 2008. Please, this year be the year you save just one classic boat.  I found this at a home for sale. The owner had just passed away, and was no doubt turning in his grave knowing that … Read more