Hybrid Classic Boat Shoes.

Can’t decide between Crocs and Top Siders boat shoes. Nothing worse then climbing out of your 1932 triple sport’n lime green crocs! How bout a hybrid version. Here is the latest f… Read more

Classic Wooden Sunfish Sail Boat.

What a great week. No internet. No Cell Phone. No TV, Cable, Ipods, spam, twittering, Wifi, NOTHING, but family and friends. Funny thing, I actually spoke to my children and wife for the first t… Read more

Ever Seen An Antique Boat Smile?

I knew it would happen, Sylvia’s deck seams have tightened up. After all that work of a new deck, making the seams 1/32 all that pain, when we got back from Fla, her seams had opened up in som… Read more

Grand Craft Boats. There Is Hope!

If you think that the world is all now made up of plastic and gigabytes, then you are about to be very pleasantly surprised. OK , not that surprised. After all Grand Craft boats has been around sin… Read more