1964 Country Squire. Woody boat?

Chances are if you love the look and feel of a beautiful Classic boat, you like the cars as well. But do the old 50’s woodys qualify as a woody boat. No. But the later ones do. Sloppy steering… Read more

Aristocraft 1959 Matador Rocket Boat

Here is a fun boat. Belonged to a pal of mine. Just sold it. Outrageous performance. Outrageous looks. Not a great trailer boat. Apparently durring the trailer ride to the new owner the weight o… Read more

1947 Trojan Hotshot Boat Cottage Racer

The newest member of the family. A 1947 Trojan Hot shot Cottage racer.This is a very rare boat made in Troy NY not Lancaster. I have found an ad showing the boat in 1948. The owner I got it from said i… Read more

Whirlwind boat love

This Columbus Day I spent in Columbus Ohio. I was delivering a boat I sold on ebay to a wonderful couple from Chicago. It is a 12 foot 1958 Whirlwind JR. A incredible little boat. I loved this boat. … Read more