Black Duck Hail Mary To Montana On Some Flyer!

Great photos of a great boat

Love the raw wood

Okay, Meet Black Duck, clearly one of us. Insane, driven and has an eye for the good stuff. I mean I love Mr Duck, and wish he lived near by, cause you kno… Read more

A Real Hug To You All This Easter

The Elva C meets the Easter Bunny here at HQ every year

WARNING: First off, todays story might come off sappy and emotional. As I woke up today, I reflected on the past years of sadness and yes joy. … Read more

Coffee Cups, And Tools

The Airboy now has a base made from a steering wheel

It’s been a crazy week since Lake Dora and have been going full bore at home, work and HQ to get it all ready for summer. The good news is the … Read more