Plywood Bottoms. Hold On. Before You Judge.

Original Plywood bottom

The other day we all looked at a very beautiful boat. Yet she sure had some bottom issues and I spoke about creative solutions. Now. To be clear. If your boat is a special b… Read more

Glenna Fay, My First Deadrise Crush!

GLENNA FAY – Just look at her simple perfection. That simple lettering. Straight bow!

Yesterday while at the Reedville Railway one of my favorite local boats showed up for a little this … Read more

Well That Escalated Quickly. FOG!

A sunny day!

This weekend, the Boatress and I decided to go out in Sweet Pea for a slow ride into the Chesapeake Bay. It was one of those days as reported. Sweet Pea is great for a slow ride with the do… Read more

This Message Brought To You By Peace And Love

Watching the world go by

With all the tension in the air, I decided as a public service to humanity to practice what I preach. Stick my head in the sand and go for a boat ride. There is nothing I can do … Read more

Nesting The Barn For Winter

The “Lounge” is ready

As we all last gasp, we are also prepping for the inevitable coldness about to consume us all. So I have been working away at cleaning out junk and getting the b… Read more

Sausage Mash Gasp!

Lake Hopatcong Scrap

Today we are gonna use some lips and snouts from previous gasping this year to do a mash gasp. And start the sad winter tradition of Sausage Days. To those new to Sausage Days… Read more