The Joy Of A Family Whirlwind Adventure

A Whirlwind followed us home

Last week we found two WoodyBoaters. Or maybe they found us? Either way we found each other and its a true joy to see a father and son come together like mahogany and va… Read more

Can Hand Sanitizer Ruin Your Varnish?

Not good for your varnish or paint. 

We know that bug spray and sunscreen can effect your varnish, but can hand sanitizer? I don’t even want to experiment with it. But on board is some bec… Read more

Virtual Launches For Breakfast?

Launch time! Come and get it

As part of our series and partnership with The Antique Boat Museum and The Wooden Boat Experience video series. Today you can take a tour of the National Boat Show Bui… Read more

Go Out To Dine On Your Boat

One happy Boatress

Around here in Virginia and across the country, restaurants are opening up to outdoor seating 50% and other creative ways to dine and keep our local business going. But lets … Read more