We All Felt The Keuka Lake Explosion.

ABC News 13 WHAM Photo

A special message to the Coronado Couple. We are all with you. You have an entire community behind you, beside you and there for you as you move forward. We all send deep love… Read more

Are You Topless Boating?

I love these convertible tops

The heat is here to stay for a while, and in the afternoons if you are lucky a good shower and cool down. Either way you need a top on your boat so you can remain coolR… Read more

Mr Maddox Motor Boat Mid Summer Mash Up Show!

Wonderful images from Michael Maddox

A huge thanks to Michael Maddox for sharing his library of images from various shows around the South. So we get to try something new. A Mash Up. I mean does i… Read more

Modern Power VS Vintage Power?

A new 350!

This is one of those subjects that really doesn’t have a correct answer. But with the latest W issue, which will be fixed this weekend, has had me wondering if how I use my boats sh… Read more

Well? I Bet You Didn’t See This Coming?


It ain’t a good weekend or show til someone gets towed in. And so it goes, the circle of life for Woody Boaters. Only this time, I have to say, I did not see this one coming. I suppose that… Read more

It’s Hammer Time!

Out for a run. This boat is fun fun fun!

Remember back in the day when a hammer was the number one tool to have? BFH to many of us. It solved many issues, and well. It wasnt the sign of the times, but the … Read more