Double Secret Paint From Woody Boater Labs

One of three paint closets full of old paint colors. The good stuff. Cough cough

I have some hard to reach areas on Sweet Pea that I wanted to be bright work. But in no way in hell wanted to open up a ca… Read more

I Bow Down To Hot Rodding History

What is under that hood?

I got an email from Herb Hall from Sierra Boat Company telling me about a very special 16 Racer that is for sale. Now this is no ordinary 16 Racer, not that any of them is ordi… Read more

Dock Around The Clock

One inch!

Yesterday started with a wonderful surprise, the dock guys showed up to add some much needed support to my boathouse. Its a small job and I was okay whenever they were close by on anothe… Read more

Your Family Wants You To Go Work On Your Boat.

My new Pandemic hair cut. Turns out the Boatress can style hair! Who knew?

For some odd reason, I have had a week of little jobs around the house that seem to take all day. Like fixing a hose to the do… Read more