Dam It! Now I Want A Triple!

Jack – Photo Texx

I curse you Mr Teeter, now you have done it. Yesterdays mahogany Trilogy got me all worked up on owning a Triple. Is this the year of the tripple coming up? This past year I s… Read more

Do You Have A Set Of Brass Nuts?

Brass Nut

What can I possibly write to follow up a headline like that? Is your woody old enough for a set? There ya go, I can keep this going. Or mercifully not. But if you read this with the images yo… Read more

Did AMF Kill Fun? Or Create Our Passion?

It’s a love hate thing!

Wow, last weeks story sure brought out the daggers on AMF. All our memories about how this huge company kinda drained some iconic brands in the pleasure fun indust… Read more

Is Classic Boating A Sport, Hobby, Or Passion?

Sport? Hobby? Passion?

I am not sure why I haven’t touched on this topic before, maybe I have. After close to 5000 stories over 10 years, I am not sure anymore. Heck sometimes when I am doin… Read more