The Old Lady Needed Some Strong Underwire!

What? Oh just simmer your britches, this is a wood boat site, any old lady is your boat. Okay, so all you goody two shoes can keep reading. Or just look at the pictures. You read Woody Boater for the … Read more

Baby Gal Left At HQ Doorstep, Now What?

Yesterday a fellow Woody Boater Danny Holden and local wood boat nut like us, showed up with a Baby Gal and left her at our door step. Yes, the poor dear had been out in the cold, heat, and cold again … Read more

Chop Chop, Or She Goes Chop Chop!

Today you get to play god! Yes, or maybe just Caesar. You have one day, and thats right now. Will you save this old lady from being fed to the chainsaw? Yes. CHAINSAW! RIP SAW, DRILL, and Possibly F… Read more


How many times have you heard someone say, “I love wood boats, but they scare me”? This past two weeks of Sweet Pea painting I think I heard that once a day. Really? Whats there to be a… Read more