Coffee Cups, And Tools

The Airboy now has a base made from a steering wheel

It’s been a crazy week since Lake Dora and have been going full bore at home, work and HQ to get it all ready for summer. The good news is the … Read more

Kent Has Some Amazing Looking Sausage

Troy loves Kent’s sausage as well. Oh Boy! This is not going to go well today.

Yesterday Kent O. Smith sent me some Sausage pics that he took, and wow. The subject on his email was “My … Read more

The Red Cobra – First In The Water Shots.


Get out your comments. We have the first in the water photos of the Red Cobra, doing her thing. Amazing folks out on the water and bringing some serious Hemi energy to our little community… Read more

Grand Craft Now With Some Soul.

Grand Craft

This past week at Lake Dora I was reintroduced to Grand Craft boats from our pal Dave Bortner at Freedom Boat Service. Freedom is now a dealer for Grand Craft, and to be honest, at firs… Read more

Lake O. Dora Kent O. Smith Style.

Predawn gar Wood “Razzle Dazzle”

And today we have some lake Dora images from Kent O. Smith, I love seeing the same stuff seen through different artists eyes…. eye. Each wonderful i… Read more