It’s Not Your Grandfathers Boat! BE SAFE!

Yesterday we talked about 6 volt lights and making sure you are up to date on luminosity. One other thing, that to be honest about, is the mispercetion that our boats are grandfathered regardin… Read more

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I Needed That!

That’s the look of peace and joy

On Thursday Jimmy and I loaded Stinky on to her trailer to get her ready for the big adventure to Lake Dora, and just working on a boat seemed to help, then yes… Read more

Has Anyone Seen My CC-17-924?

We have your original Hull plate!

We have a special request to all the good citizens of Woodyboaterville. Does anyone know who currently owns A 17 Ft Sportsman with Hull Number  CC-17-924. We … Read more

Presidents Day! LBJ All The Way!

That’s a happy guy! No matter how stressful our day jobs are, a boat ride cures all. Film clip – LBJ Library

LBJ was certainly a boater, and I would bet, a Woody Boater to boot. He sure … Read more

Passing Gas Can Cure The Winter Blues

Fresh Painted engine

Well, it’s getting to be that time of year. Lake Dora Prep time. I had put a fresh coat of VanNess pre war engine paint on Stinkys engine and had to paint over the older P… Read more