Lake Dora Tidbits

Over 10,000 images were taken, needless to say we are all weeding through them now for the best of the best images for you that tell the amazing story

As we weed through thousands of pictures, we h… Read more

Friday Lake Dora Style

Laughing alot.

What a jammed packed day. I think I sat down once, maybe twice to cram in a burger. Moved some major merch and met a bunch of folks. On top of all that we had some friends come by and snu… Read more

The Lake Dora … Reunion.

We are all set up in the same place

As so it begins. 3 years in the waiting, and here we are. Seeing folks is amazing.  In fact this isnt a show its a reunion, and should be called that from now on. It a… Read more

Let’s Go! NOW? Or Wait?

I was texted this image last night of me ripping past a pal unknowingly on the express lane in DC.. He said I was in a hurry.. HA.. Yes I was.

Watching the weather it looks like the east coast in the so… Read more

Breaking News. The World is Upside Down.


The Bengals in the Super Bowl, and now this. The Harrisons are actually towing someone in thats broken down. Yes!!! You read this correctly, they are doing the towing. As in the li… Read more