Mother Of God! Become An Outboard Outhoarder

You may want to sit down

Right here on ebay,  thanks to Jim Staib for sharing, you can become an instant outboard guru. A “OutHorder” and crazy collector. One purchase. Why spend … Read more

Tom Thumb Cruisers? Company Or Boat?


On ebay, which is a 24/7 boat show and flea market, I found this small post card. What attracted me to this is the boat! I MUST HAVE A BOAT LIKE THIS! No, not just a small boat. Those are aro… Read more

Chris- Craft Speedometer On eBay!


Now that the Virtual Holiday party is over, thought a nice ebay story would be all you all can take!  To be honest, I didn’t think Chris Craft made these. I mean, it makes sense, and I … Read more