Okay, Who Screwed Me Out of A Story Last Night?


Last night I found this wonderful box of screws for sale on ebay. I went to bed with a smile on my face. I have a story for tomorrow. I was imaging fun headlines and Wow metaphors. How if you owned … Read more

I Like My Woody Boats On The Rocks.

Boat Accedent

That’s not good

Today we are featuring some very disturbing photos of a night ride gone wrong. I am not sharing any names, or location or anything. If you know this owner please respect th… Read more

What Iz It? Let’z Pleaze Help John.

Just a guy and his Cobra head

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater John Stein for supplying us with another episode of What Iz It.It’z been a while since we have had some fun with the great unknown… Read more