Meet No Relation. Oh, It Gets More Confusing.

Durrens ready to go.

Believe it or not, today’s headline makes perfect sense to some. And since you have read this far, I will try and explain. For some reason I am on a text message chain. O… Read more

Miss Ants In Pants!

Ruby is always in charge

The other day we showed you a wonderful header if I may say so. The header is one of our crew, Ruby who loves a boat ride. I think. Ruby and Oreo both can tell if I am gonna go out… Read more

Porpoise Perplexed?

Longtime fellow Woody Boater Brian Swanson sent us in this question. Now of course this is the internet where everyone has an opinion. Which of course is part of the advice roulette, and somewh… Read more

How Much Should A Classic Boat Cover Cost?

How much?

Okay, this looks like one of those lame internet Facebook questions. The answer is rather subjective of course. What material, what size boat, lined? How custom do you want it. The ot… Read more

Falls Flyer Rec Room Find!

1949 Larson Falls Flyer

We are gonna take a Flyer this weekend off from the Battle of the Knot, and enjoy boats.  Here is a fun distraction, If you are into these, and who isn’t from a dista… Read more