Explosive Boats, Oh It Was A Thing!

Side effects may include?

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Phil Andrew for sharing us in on Explosive Boats. Yes, on purpose. Actually, somewhat genus. But at 30 mph, I wonder how many made it? So w… Read more

Have You Told Your Boat You Love Them Lately?

Mr Heater, and the Purrrrkins!

YES, I talk to my boats. You don’t? You should, you might be surprised what they have to say.You think you want a boat ride? Did you ever consider your boats f… Read more

Scarlet, Sweet Scarlet. A Sad Farewell.

See you again one day Miss Scarlet

It’s with a heavy, heavy heart we report the passing of a true and loyal Woody Boater. Miss Scarlet who was always ready for a boat ride and road trip. Scar… Read more

72 And Sunny Here In Woodyboaterville

Yes, its clean..ish

First, I am sorry many of you are having rotten weather.  But here in Virginia it was 72 yesterday, and I was able to clean out the barn, and weed the garden. Crazy, but its lik… Read more

You Asked For It. Prototype Cobra Update

Maybe it’s the artist in me. But this is Erotica! Oh yea.. On many levels.

Well, after some time, here we are with some beautiful photos of the Katz’s Marina Prototype Cobra. You ma… Read more

Back To Work!

Old Gar Wood factory photos

As many of you have read over the years, my job has me working long hours sometimes and all over the planet. But when its the holiday time, we shut the office down for two … Read more