An Eazee Whatizit. Its a Mfbahdhe!

See, easy to read!

So those of you I am sure will have this boat pegged. But for fellow Woody Boater XXXXXXXX and I we could not for the life of us read the blurred logo on the side. It has some Shepard … Read more

Ahhhhhhhhhh That Felt Good!

She screams. Actually very load for a K more like a throaty Harley

Last week, I had to be in Boston, New Jersey, and DC, then home to Reedville on Thursday night. A 8 hr drive after a all day meeting. … Read more

Tons Of Tahoe Thunder! Interiors and Engines


The shots have been piling up, and we have other fun shows to talk about. Yes, as big as Tahoe is to the culture, the calssic boat world just keeps going in Hessel, Harvys Lake, Even ri… Read more