Fingers Crossed, I Can Go Boating Today!

Boating in my mind. I dont want to milk this story, thats for sure

Thank you all for your fun comments yesterday, Laughing and crying all at the same time. OOOOFFFFFFF! That is a pain I dont wish on … Read more

KBL On Ebay, But? Do We Tell The Guy?

Not bad shape.. visually

As I do every morning, I parooz ebay. And this little gem, a KBL pops up for sale. Okay, not all that exciting or story worthy. But as I looked on, WTH? Here is the copy with t… Read more

Global HQ Sausage

That’s MY boy!

Today I clean out the shots over the past couple weeks of unconnected stories that never made a full story. Lots of small moments of joy and craziness here in Woodyboatervi… Read more

Love Reedville Style – Did She Say Yes?

In the rain, water about to come up over the dock. Thats love!

While you all were yammering on about this and that yesterday, we had some good old fashion love happening here at the Global HQ. I hav… Read more