Cobia Hunting… Not Cobra Hunting.

Fish’n fun

Saturday I was able to squeeze in a fun fishing trip between meetings in New Jersey. Yes, I drove 7 hrs home to go Cobia fishing with some pals. And 7 hrs back the next day. And even … Read more

A Weekend Of Joy, And Celebrating Family

Ralphs Larson w dad on the bow

This is a very special weekend for many of us. Since according to our stats, we have around 85% men reading, and in an age group that is above 30, its fair to say that man… Read more

Porpoise Perplexed?

Longtime fellow Woody Boater Brian Swanson sent us in this question. Now of course this is the internet where everyone has an opinion. Which of course is part of the advice roulette, and somewh… Read more

Kids These Days!

Oh boy!

I got this wonderful note from Scott Turner from AristoCraft Boats yesterday and it was a wonderful reminder of why we do what we do. The Turners are amazing people and family. Yes, they a… Read more