I Have To Write this Fast. Dying Battery

Bruiser likes the laptop power cord

Hurricanes, Tornados, Power outages, ER visits, nothing stops the Woody Boater from trashing the english language and finding obscure boat crap to yack a… Read more

Distractions In Woodyboaterville.


I know to many of you, all you want from me is boats, boats and more boats. Me too! BTW, not #MeToo, me as well. But also life in Woodyboaterville does not just run on Varnish and Mahog… Read more

I Need A Boat Ride

Slow peaceful ride

I am not one to burry my head in the sand. And living in the DC area and having co workers who had to lock down and evacuate there homes is a painful reminder that turning away from … Read more

Woody Boater Has Gone To The Dog!

Ahhhhhhh! The digger!

I know, I know, what about boats? Ya! I feel the same way. But from about 4AM until about 7:30 Am each morning, I am a bit occupied. Oh sure we have not missed a story through Hu… Read more