Just Another Day In Paradise.

Towing in with one eye closed. Or something in my eye? Part of the fun

Maybe, just maybe. All events end with being towed in. And no events this year? Maybe this was the sign? Maybe 2020 is over????… Read more

Honey, I Shrunk the Boat!!!

It’s a Glen Lil.

We got this great story from loooong time fellow WoodyBoater Roberta Hegy. Her amazing Glen-L is very well known and loved. So she of course took it even farther with.. Oh … Read more

WoodyBoaterville Armageddon!

Her head, her head!

Armageddon me a bigger generator! I am so loving the click bait headlines.. Anyway, our area hit the news for sure. Several tornados touched down way way way to close to home. … Read more

If You Are Reading This, I Am Dead.

Thats one red band alright

In the water. I am loving this Click bait style headlines. I feel like Buzzfeed. Anyway, if you are reading this, my power is out, and I have no way to do a story, but don&#… Read more

Miss I Miss You – Have You Seen Her?

Missing cleats

Fellow Woody Boater Bryan Crutchfield sent in his childhood memory he is trying to find. She did not have a name he knew about, but you can bet if we can find her, a new name will be fo… Read more

Hobany, Back In The Fabany!

Whats the story on Hobany’s name? Read on

We got a wonderful Name Story from fellow Woody Boater John Smith, I think this is a different John Smith than the one that explored around here in … Read more