Springtime In New Zealand!

Mid Century, Century.

As we all say so long to summer, and boating season here in the U.S. ( Ya ya FLA! ) Anyway, as we park our boats away, they are saying hello to Boating Season in New Zealand. We g… Read more

Veterans Day – Words Seem Inadequate.

US Air Force U22

I am sitting here just looking at the screen trying to figure out what to say about Veterans Day. Is it Happy Veterans Day? Is “Happy” the right word? Or Honor? Salut… Read more

Well That Escalated Quickly. FOG!

A sunny day!

This weekend, the Boatress and I decided to go out in Sweet Pea for a slow ride into the Chesapeake Bay. It was one of those days as reported. Sweet Pea is great for a slow ride with the do… Read more

It Can’t Be. Gary Beck Passes Away.

Our friend, Gary Beck

We have some very sad news to let our little close community know about the sudden passing of longtime fellow WoodyBoater Gary Beck. I was informed by his good friend and fe… Read more

This Message Brought To You By Peace And Love

Watching the world go by

With all the tension in the air, I decided as a public service to humanity to practice what I preach. Stick my head in the sand and go for a boat ride. There is nothing I can do … Read more