Our App Works In Iowa – Just Say’n

too soon?

You can rest easy now,. Okay, okay, so our app, may be a first step and sometimes runs like a un restored barn find. BUT, it does work, and not only in Iowa, but all across the country and ev… Read more

What The Click? 35,300 Viewers In One Day?

Yiiikes! Are my stats trying to tell me something?

From time to time I check our stats, and it’s always around the same. As low as 3500-5000 unique views a day. Like clock work. From time to … Read more

Let’s Just Say I Needed To Swell Up? Right?

WHAT THE? Plus 2

Oh that was a good dinner. BUT. It cost me, not the money part, but the lb’s. Now, hey.. this week did not play out as well as last week. 10 lbs down. This week, 2lbs up.. See, I f… Read more

Get Your Woody Insults Right. Please.


Over the years, we have found many new friends, and shockingly some not so friends. People for whatever reason they don’t like us. I get it, we certainly have flaws, and yes, from time … Read more

Back To Work!

Old Gar Wood factory photos

As many of you have read over the years, my job has me working long hours sometimes and all over the planet. But when its the holiday time, we shut the office down for two … Read more