Boat Rides Bring The World Together.

We are F.A.M.I.L.Y

Yesterday we had a small window of opportunity to go for a boat ride. And there is a small group here from the wedding party. The cool thing is in a way they are all family, and tak… Read more

Woody Boating – Latvia Style

TODAY WE HAVE A GREAT STORY from Fellow Woody Boater Olegs Gladcenko in Riga, Latvia in eastern Europe. Olegs shares his passion for wooden boats, history, boat design, and construction of hi… Read more

Happy Mom, Moomoo, Mothers Day.

My Grandmother Sylvia and my dad in 1930, she traveled the U.S. in a tent while my Grandfather surveyed much of our land…and sea

I think this may be our 15th Mothers day together and we have … Read more