The WoodyBoater Secret Lair Of Repair

Yesterday was the day, no gasp, just a quick drive to the ramp and get those suckers inside and winterized. But this year, we have something very special. Hidden away in plain site is a special se… Read more

Veteran’s Day, A Real Holiday.

Of all the holidays out there, and there is no shortage, just put holidays on your calendar app, and dang! And of course many are more narrow than others and thats fine. Heck, even Christmas is a h… Read more

Dear Tommy, Love Woody Floater

If you were following yesterdays comment section, no doubt you saw Tommy Holmes comment regarding the slow death of our back end of the website. I was very transparent about our situation and h… Read more

Squeaking Out A Serene Commune With Nature.

A huge thanks to fellow Woody Boater Fred Goughnour and his amazing eye for sharing a last gasp with us and keeping Gasp Week going. Take it away Fred

Definitely the latest cruise on the Missouri … Read more