Merry Christmas, Whatchya Git?

He needs a bigger boat

It’s Christmas morning and mostly of us here are dads, granddads and well Daddy O’s. Yes some Moms, and grandmas, But according to the stats, 85% Dads. And we … Read more

I Am Confused? It Was 70 Here Yesterday?

Morning Sunshine – Photo Lydia Haynie

Some days these days are confusing me. Yesterday I was in shorts and a T shirt, outside working at the Railway, with music blaring. Okay it was Chris… Read more

Yes, I Actually Do Work For A Living. HA, Ugh

The new look for my other office

Remember that Coke sign I was working on in New Orleans? Well, she has a new life after some lettering at the Railway, and now is perched in the small conference roo… Read more

The Smallest Detail Saved Me, Thanks Brian


You all may recall my obsession with the correct zipper manufacturer for the replacement of the top on Suzy, now Scarlet. If not, you are lucky. If you want to know more I will provide a lin… Read more