This Spaghetti Tastes Funny?

shhhh! This is the BEFORE SCENE.

So. I need to strain some old diesel fuel, and well. Where would one find a strainer? YA. Well. mmmm. Maybe she won’t notice. I mean I can clean the strainer … Read more

April Foolish Day!

I know what he is thinking. “My dad is an idiot, but he’s my idiot”

Today is the official Woody Boater day of foolish things we have done this past year. For example. Buying an … Read more

Florida 91, Virginia 84. Who Wins?

Fla Temp yesterday

Today is supposed to be 84 here in Reedville. A bit windy, which for me is perfect, since the Railway needs to dry out. Alot. While on Lake Dora its 91. And so it goes. This weeken… Read more

I Can’t Get Started. Maybe It’s My Points?


Well, my wake up at 4AM ritual is over. I got up at 6:30 and funny thing? I am still asleep. Like trying to start an engine that won’t start but ran great 5 minutes ago. I keep … Read more