Make Your Own Classic Boat History.

With all the hub bub about preservation vs rebuilding I thought, if you are going to rebuild every plank of wood on your boat, why stop there. Rebuild the boats history as well. Here are the simpl… Read more

The Classic Boat Wave Is Alive And Well.

I am not sure when the “wave” started. I suppose Christopher Columbus waved at Queen Isabella as he arrived back in town. The tradition goes way back in time. From what I can tell th… Read more

Woody Classic Boat – New Features

As Woody Boater promised, we will be posting some new features starting tomorrow. The first of these will feature a New Destination for you to consider. It will be loaded with “hot-link… Read more

Woody Boater Hits 8000

Thanks to you, as of today we have doubled visitors again. Over 8000 page views, we are now linked to several sites and are tracking towards 2500 visitors a month. With folks all over the world. W… Read more