Sad Breaking News – Paul Miklos Passes Away.

An amazing man, Amazing family!

Very sad news to report, fellow Woody Boater Thomas Drozd sent us this crushing report, and I can not have said it any better. And for sure not spelled it better. U… Read more

Yappy Holidays. So Whatchya Get?

New Gauges?

It’s our annual Christmas brag time. What did you get for Christmas? A drill, sander? Case of Varnish? A boat? This will be a year to remember, and as crappy as it may be on so may … Read more

Bad Stories And Reruns.

Rerun photo

Yesterday we got some helpful comments regarding the quality of our stories. Okay, my stories. First, I am sorry, I try.. Second, go screw yourself. Happy Face Emoji! All kidding a… Read more

The COVID Effect. AKA The Splash Mob Effect.

Love me some Rabbit Reports

A HUGE thanks to “Rabbit” for sending in this great idea! And the day off. Wait, I am writing this now? What the hell? A day off, but keep your phone type de… Read more