The 2022 Holiday Party Is This Wednesday!

Are you ready for the big holiday party this Wednesday? Actually our 15th one? Yikes, are we all that old? Anywho, all the regulars will be here, and we hope some new friends as well. BTW, you may w… Read more

It’s All Gone To The Dogs

Between the woody boater website drama, and going on a vacation with three dogs, well.And since there doesn’t even seem to be anything good on ebay as a standby filler. We get dog shots. H… Read more

Can Of Worms, And Rotten Milk

As many of you know I love to milk a good story, and yet, its a fine line. Cause Milk goes rotten, and well. Here we are. Sitting. Lets just say, I started the tease a little…a lot too soon. We w… Read more

Krampus In Woodyboaterville. Run Troy, Run!

Well, last night we went to one of the many parades that take place in New Orleans. This time it was a Krampus Parade. Although December 5th is the official day of Krampus, For those of you wonderi… Read more

Today May Be The Day?

The new site is about ready and little small things are actually kinda working. BTW the image above is the first day I owned a classic boat. About 20 ish years ago. I think, thats Just Swell, a 17 de… Read more