Bottoms Up. Antique Wood Boat Restoration.

Is that a floor or a dinning room table? A nice space says a lot about a person, and even more about the sort of product you will get done there. I have spoken with Steve Bunda several times and he is t… Read more

Vintage New Life Vests. It's About Time!

Thank god, someone has done this for the community. Thanks to luxury water Gear you can now be sport’n a life jacket that fits your boat…OK not cheap for sure, but a must. Here is the … Read more

One Year For Antique & Classic Boating!

I can not believe it. One year old today. 311 stories. Who would have guessed there would be that much to talk about on a daily basis. Not me for sure. What a year, great shows, tons of new pals, and a … Read more