It's Brian Robinson Day In Woody Boaterville.

I, the mayor of Woody Boaterville hand the key to the city to Mr Brian Robinson. He has saved the day. BIG TIME. Thanks to a quick phone call Brian pointed out a flaw in Sylvia’s deck. What a k… Read more

Antique & Classic Boat Shows

Woody Boater has put together one of the most complete and comprehensive lists of Boat Shows available. So take a peek, find one near you and plan to go to one or two (or more) this year. ThereR… Read more

For The Next Generation Of Classic Boat Lovers

Boy, did my rant hit a nerve. I received countless un-publishable emails, due to wishing to stay anonymous. We also received a record amount of comments. One interesting theme in all the comme… Read more

Classic Boat Stamps. Start snail mailing again.

If you really want to live the Woody Boat life. Stop reading this, and pick up a pen and paper and craft a personal letter to someone. When you are ready to send it. Put one of these cool new stamps on … Read more

Top-Siders VS Crocs

For life. I love my Crocs. I wear them all the time. But that is a mistake when climbing on wet varnished top sides. Because I wear them so much, I wear them out fast. And they get very slick. VERY SLI… Read more