Honey, I Shrunk the Boat!!!

It’s a Glen Lil.

We got this great story from loooong time fellow WoodyBoater Roberta Hegy. Her amazing Glen-L is very well known and loved. So she of course took it even farther with.. Oh … Read more

WoodyBoaterville Armageddon!

Her head, her head!

Armageddon me a bigger generator! I am so loving the click bait headlines.. Anyway, our area hit the news for sure. Several tornados touched down way way way to close to home. … Read more

If You Are Reading This, I Am Dead.

Thats one red band alright

In the water. I am loving this Click bait style headlines. I feel like Buzzfeed. Anyway, if you are reading this, my power is out, and I have no way to do a story, but don&#… Read more

Miss I Miss You – Have You Seen Her?

Missing cleats

Fellow Woody Boater Bryan Crutchfield sent in his childhood memory he is trying to find. She did not have a name he knew about, but you can bet if we can find her, a new name will be fo… Read more

Hobany, Back In The Fabany!

Whats the story on Hobany’s name? Read on

We got a wonderful Name Story from fellow Woody Boater John Smith, I think this is a different John Smith than the one that explored around here in … Read more