Your Family Wants You To Go Work On Your Boat.

My new Pandemic hair cut. Turns out the Boatress can style hair! Who knew?

For some odd reason, I have had a week of little jobs around the house that seem to take all day. Like fixing a hose to the do… Read more

Boat Rides – It Not The Same Without You.

Maybe going back in time will solve all my problems?

Yesterday I did it. I plopped Stinky in the drinky. It was 70. And even though it was around 3ish, I had to work all morning on calls and work rela… Read more

Virtual Boat Shows Are Here To Stay-ish

You know its Canada!

Yesterdays virtual boat show by the great folks at the Okanagan ACBS chapter. was a hit. is a hit, will be a hit. According to our stats looks like around 4000 of you visited th… Read more