Always Check Around. Right Phil Rite?

Phil Rite.

Yesterday we got this craigslist can listing from fellow Woody Boater Dean “HOBO” Sackett of a “Phil Right” Gas can that he found on Craigslist. Cool! Bl… Read more

10 Signs You Are A True Woody Boater.

As long as the pump works!

Since I got into classic Woody Boats, I have noticed a shift in my attitude to the passion. I am far more relaxed and enjoy the enjoyment of it all. One could say, I am more i… Read more

Springtime In New Zealand!

Mid Century, Century.

As we all say so long to summer, and boating season here in the U.S. ( Ya ya FLA! ) Anyway, as we park our boats away, they are saying hello to Boating Season in New Zealand. We g… Read more

Veterans Day – Words Seem Inadequate.

US Air Force U22

I am sitting here just looking at the screen trying to figure out what to say about Veterans Day. Is it Happy Veterans Day? Is “Happy” the right word? Or Honor? Salut… Read more