A Real Hug To You All This Easter

The Elva C meets the Easter Bunny here at HQ every year

WARNING: First off, todays story might come off sappy and emotional. As I woke up today, I reflected on the past years of sadness and yes joy. … Read more

We Need More Old.

It just “feels” right

I have been struggling with this thought for some time now. There is old stuff, and then there is new stuff made to look like old stuff. Call them what you want. … Read more

WOO WOO It’s 2/22/22


Twosday, 2sday, 2/22.2022, mmmmm what should I do a story on 2day? I burned the 2 theme on 2/2/22 but 2day has the twoesday thing going for it? Ya, on the surface this looks li… Read more