Bunny Trouble In Paradise

Slim and Ruby

You think you have problems being at home? At least you did not put your house in the middle of a war zone. First lets just get this out of the way. This is not about boats. I am stuck here … Read more

I Had A Dream Last Night With Jim Staib?


Is it just me? I have been having some extremely vivid dreams over the past couple weeks. Like in color, and crazy.  Like if I could remember them as clear as I dreamed them, could make some … Read more

Sad News – Dick Werner Passes Away

Dick & Louise Werner receiving their award from Dave Olson

A NOTE TO TODAYS READERS (FRIDAY) We are going to keep this story going. The outpouring of love and honor has been amazing, close tRead more

Mental Health Boating. It’s Very Real.

I think there is a smile in there. No need for a mask when out on the water with people you hug all day.

Some disclaimers here. This story is more about me, sorry. Maybe a little to personal… M… Read more

Staining Your Way Through A Penn Yandemic.

She needs a little cleaning

Well, this is for sure one of those jobs that takes some time, and that is what we all have right now. Fellow Woody Boater Todd Weitekamp sure is going for it. A Penn Yan.… Read more