Taking The River Less Traveled.

Finding the barn find of the decade

I have been blessed throughout my life to be able to enjoy the odd ball fun of owning old cars and old boats. Seems like I am always a little early in my passions to … Read more

Woohoody Boating – Family Fun!

The Marsden’s ready to have some fun

A huge thanks to Kimberly Marsden for sending in this fun story about using a priceless boat to do what that priceless fun boat was designed to do. Have … Read more

I Am Speechless-ish

I feel like a…

I don’t know what to say for all your wonderful supportive words yesterday. I was not expecting that for sure. The the way I can explain the feeling I have right now, is … Read more

Thankyou, You Saved Me!

That is inner peace.

Warning, I am for this brief moment going to be a little more exposed in my feelings. So if you are looking for a fight for clicks, it aint gonna happen. Or maybe it will? I will a… Read more

Sunny Skies In Sunnyland!

Blue Skies and Waves!

Well, as predicted, the sun came out, and so did the boats. Like a light switch, it’s summer…ish.. Summer down is here is not for the faint of heart, but right n… Read more

Ate Days Til Lake Dora! mmmmmm

Oh hell to the ya!

The countdown is rolling along. Today we feature the yummy food of Lake Dora and the area! From the famous Palm gardens to new adventures in Florida dinning.

The Boathouse Rest

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