I Like My Trawlers On The Rocks.

Kinda Captures the 4th doesn’t it?

It aint a boat trip until you get towed! Sweet Pea decided that she wanted to run up on some rocks. Not me, It’s Sweet Pea’s fault. Yup. ROCK… Read more

They All Conspired Against Me I Tell Ya!

My boys out in there Whirlwind back in the days

If you tuned into WoodyBoater yesterday, you were all part of my incredible Fathers Day gift. My family had worked together to hack into Woody Boat… Read more

Something Different For Father’s Day

our first family boat

Let me start off the post by saying this isn’t Matt — this is his son, Hank, aka the ‘Berlin Büro’. Occasionally I hop on Woody Boater to fix some technicaRead more