Warmth From Canada, Just In The Nick Of Time.

Rainbow IX 1923 Chris Craft

A huge thanks to Looooooooooooooooongtime fellow Woody Boaters Chris and Julie Bullen for sending in this cool info an a very cool series. Take it away Chris, Here wRead more

Update From Woody Boater Global HQ

Mr B enjoys some new lights

Yesterdays story turned into one of my favorite stories of the year. Mind you we are only about 10 days in, but Art’s additional comment made it a memorable stor… Read more

Wow, Woodyboaterville Weather Whiplash

Oh, you thought it was over? This Milk is now Ice Cream

What the hell frozen over happened yesterday? It was 70 the day before. Then this. Lots of this, this, and more of that and this. One thing is f… Read more